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29 Aug, 2018

InoCoin – a more efficient way of crowdfunding

InoCoin – a more efficient way of crowdfunding Crowdfunding has existed for a long time and in many different shapes. Throughout time it has evolved, always pushing the boundaries and trying to be better, more efficient. Until recently, Indiegogo and Kickstarter were the cheapest, most efficient ways to start your crowdfunding campaign and start your […]
13 Aug, 2018

Crowdfunding vs Tradicional methods

Financing your business is the first enormous test you should battle with. The best choice for subsidizing isn’t generally the conventional course. In the meantime, hopping on the publicity encompassing crowdfunding may not be the best alternative for you either. It’s a difficult choice to make, we understand that and because of that, we would […]
6 Aug, 2018

The history of Crowd Funding

In this article, we would like to go over the history of crowdfunding. We believe it will give our readers a better overview of what we have achieved and how crowdfunding has developed and bettered itself. Most people don’t realize due to the existing popularity of crowdfunding as a means of securing funds, but crowdfunding […]
29 Jul, 2018

What we have achieved so far ?

We have put a lot of work into this project and we’re very happy to see that InoCoin is growing every day. In this post, we would like to highlight the most important things that have been happening in this last month. Somethings we have already mentioned in our previous posts, but we think it […]
23 Jul, 2018

Benefits for Ino Investors

In this post we would like to speak to our potential investors. Also, we would like to talk about the benefits of investing on our platform. At InoCoin, we realise that our whole project wouldn’t be possible without our driving force – our investors. Exactly because of that, we would, firstly, like to thank everyone […]
13 Jul, 2018

How to buy INO from INO Platform?

We are happy to announce that we have added a new feature to our InoCoin Platform. We know you have been waiting for this, so we have made it available – You can now buy INO directly of our Platform! In this post we would like to guide you in buying your first INO through […]
11 Jul, 2018

InoCoin attract a new huge partner – Wealthman (wealth management platform) !

Investors to crowdfund a decentralized wealth management service. July 10th, 2018. Wealthman Ltd., a fintech company that builds wealth management protocols and micro-services for wealth managers announced it is partnering with InoCoin to connect with more capital investors. Wealthman aims to reshape the $100 trillion digital wealth management industry by providing a blockchain protocol for […]