Category: Cryptopedia

7 Jul, 2018

5 tips for successful crowdfunding

So like we said in our previous blog post, today we would like to talk about the key factors to success in crowdfunding. We are going to give you a number of tips and recommendations on how to succeed on our InoCoin Platform, but doing diligent research on your part is mandatory.  So without further […]
4 Jul, 2018

What are the main functions of InoCoin Platform?

In this post we are going to talk about the main functions of the InoCoin Investment Platform and why it is the ideal place to look for funding, while at the same time being of great service to investors.  After that I will go into detail on how to make your account, how to list […]
4 Jul, 2018

What is the InoCoin Project?

Welcome everyone. As you can very well  see, we have decided to start a blog on our website.The purpose of our blog is that we plan to frequently inform you about any news regarding our platform, as well as explain to you the basics of our project, if you haven’t understood them already.   In these […]