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21 Aug, 2018

Blockchain and Crowdfunding

This is the period of blockchain and crowdfunding. This is the period of disturbance. Another financial ecosystem has been created in this era. Those who don’t keep up with the trend will get run over. Luckily, we are here to provide the knowledge to all the people that require it. We know it can be […]
13 Aug, 2018

Crowdfunding vs Tradicional methods

Financing your business is the first enormous test you should battle with. The best choice for subsidizing isn’t generally the conventional course. In the meantime, hopping on the publicity encompassing crowdfunding may not be the best alternative for you either. It’s a difficult choice to make, we understand that and because of that, we would […]
6 Aug, 2018

The history of Crowd Funding

In this article, we would like to go over the history of crowdfunding. We believe it will give our readers a better overview of what we have achieved and how crowdfunding has developed and bettered itself. Most people don’t realize due to the existing popularity of crowdfunding as a means of securing funds, but crowdfunding […]
23 Jul, 2018

Benefits for Ino Investors

In this post we would like to speak to our potential investors. Also, we would like to talk about the benefits of investing on our platform. At InoCoin, we realise that our whole project wouldn’t be possible without our driving force – our investors. Exactly because of that, we would, firstly, like to thank everyone […]
19 Jul, 2018

Tips : How to promote your project?

Again, here we are again with another helpful tips post. We at InoCoin place great value on knowledge and belive that the more knowledgable our community is, the more valuable our platform is. Today, we would like to follow-up on our post about marketing. We would like to help you guys out, by telling you […]
17 Jul, 2018

Ino Blockchain Tech

We would like to discuss with you the very important topic that is blockchain. Not only is it vital to our project but also it has changed the way we do business worldwide. Everyone should, we believe, have at least some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech in general, especially entrepreneurs and investors. Cryptocurrencies […]
14 Jul, 2018

InoCoin – How to find the perfect project to invest?

Investing in a crowdfunding project brings a world of excitement and opportunity, but, unfortunately not every project delivers on its promises. If you do your research before taking the leap and investing, you are much more likely to get the most out of your buck. We at InoCoin advise all investors to do proper methodical […]
12 Jul, 2018

StartUps : How to use the social media?

In this post, we at InoCoin would like to continue with our useful tips for startups. The topic we will be discussing today is the proper utilization of social networks for startup founders. Which social media should you use for what, how should your posts look are some of the key points we cover. We […]
9 Jul, 2018
8 Jul, 2018

How to make the best business plan for your project?

Hello everyone! Last time we gave you tips on how to make a successful crowdfunding campaign. This time around, we are going to talk about what makes a good business plan and how you can make the perfect one. So let’s get started. Going through the process of writing a great business plan for your […]