21 Jul, 2018

Reasons to start a Crowdfunding campaign

Today, we would like to take a break from out tips and look at a broader subject. We will be talking about the reasons you should start a crowdfunding campaign. There are various benefits for your project, but today we will be naming some of them. So let’s get started with our reasons for starting a crowdfudning campaign with us at InoCoin:

Confirmation of your idea

There is no better confirmation of your idea then having stranger invest in your project. You must admit, it requires a great deal of trust and belief in your idea. If unknown investors are willing to support you and your idea, then you can be sure that your product or service is a welcome addition to the market. Of course, not everyone will be thrilled with your idea, but that’s all part of being a startup founder. 

Small financial risk

Launching a product can cost you a great deal of time and money. Our InoCoin Platform gives you a wonderful alternative. You don’t have to mix middleman such as banks and similar institutions. You don’t have to take out large loans. You’re capital at risk is significantly lower than going the traditional route. One more thing, crowdfunding ensures that you don’t end up with a large inventory of a product you can’t possibly sell. You already know your product is liked and you can continue to build on that.

Build a community

Launching a crowdfunding campaign on our platform will also help you build a community for your product early. Furthermore, you will become part of our InoCoin family and we will guide you every step of the way. We already have a great community, which is supportive and communicative with new startup founders. Feel free to check out our various social media channels linked on our website and also come and chat with us on our Telegram. 

Get personal

Applying on our platform is also a great way to tell your story. Feel free to get personal and bond with our community and yours as well. Make a video, share your website, share your social media networks. Let your potential investors get to know you before investing in your dream. 

By becoming personal, you are creating a bond stronger than business to consumer. You are creating a bond that can last your whole life. After all, the first customers are the most loyal.

A sense of urgency

Because you are running a crowdfunding campaign, people know that you need support fast. Coupled with your incentives for investors, you are bound to sell more products then with traditional methods. Once investors receive their incentives, if your product is as valuable as we know it is, they will come to love it and become loyal customers, while also building a bond with you because they are your first customers.


Like we said, your investors are at the same time your first customers. Exactly because of that, they can provide you with valuable feedback you need to make your product even better. That first feedback is valuable because it comes from people who already support and believe in your idea, so it’s a win-win situation – you get the necessary feedback and funding and they receive the product they want.

Lastly, we would like to talk about your obligations to investors. These aren’t imposed on you by any way, but we believe it is good practice to:

  • Always keep your investors informed
  • Provide incentives to your investors
  • Ask for feedback and welcome polite critique
  • Hold surveys about your product
  • Hold surveys about pricing

From everyone here at InoCoin, feel free to apply for funding on our platform, it is currently free, but won’t be for long. Enjoy your day and we hope you are being productive with your time. 

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