16 Jul, 2018

New projects in July!

In this post we would like to introduce you guys to several new projects that have joined our platform recently. We write this as a means of promoting both the projects and our crowdfunding platform, thus hoping everyone will be satisfied with the outcome. Like you already know, the main goal of InoCoin is connecting smart money with innovative ideas.

We have 4 new projects for our potential investors. We would like to briefly present every project so as to spark interest in potential investors. You can read about each project in greater detail on their respective pages on InoCoin platform. So we have four new projects for you, they are:

  • Wealthman
  • Bitcoin Air
  • Pseru
  • The Steem House



“Wealthman is a decentralized platform for the development, execution and marketing of wealth management services. “
Just like our InoCoin Platform Wealthman is built with the clients security in mind. Exactly because of that, they also implemented blockchain technology, to both make the funds secure and transparent.
Wealthman is a wealth management platform that contains a number of protocols which facilitate the making of trustless wealth management services which deal with on-blockchain digital assets.
The Wealthman protocol replaces one single entity having control and implements decentralized control in the form of smart contracts over business processes.
If you want to find out more about this project kindly visit their project page on our platform(https://platform.inocoin.eu/project/5af97286c743562fcd3874e1) or visit their website(https://wealthman.io/).

Bitcoin Air

Bitcoin Air is a new Bitcoin/Peercoin fork dedicated to making a new lightweight, secure, and user friendly cryptocurrency that can sustain the mass of users unfamiliar to cryptocurrency in general.
In the words of the founder Anthony Colón Jr:
“Air is a versatile and essential element to life that can be subject to any and all variables while maintaining consistency and purpose.”
The word “Air” in their name symbolizes the lightweight, versatile and essential fin tech used for creating the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Air is a new lightweight crypto determined to bring crypto adoption to small businesses globally.
“Bitcoin Air is the first bilaterally operating blockchain that will feature two chains uniquely operating as one”
If you want to find out more about this project kindly visit their project page on our platform( https://platform.inocoin.eu/project/5b43bdf0f48ec77104f82b7e ) or visit their website(https://www.bitcoinair.org/ ).



Pseru is a mobile application which is designed to provide instant,fast and reliable solutions for any electricity , water and vehicle problems, whenever and wherever you are.
This means Pseru will bring you the service solutions to your location instantly whether a problem is an emergency or not.
Through the application users will be able to pick the nearest service providers they need , and with just one click of a button the service providers will be on their way to deliver.
Pseru services will be available globally , hence it is a useful tool to the user wherever he goes.
If you want to find out more about this project kindly visit their project page on our platform(https://platform.inocoin.eu/project/5b439a1df48ec77104f82b74 ),

The Steem House

The Steem house is an interesting new project which is meant to be an incubator for entrepreneurs and creatives. They provide the ability and opportunity to turn your hobby/skill into a career, while providing a makerspace and tools for you to make anything you can think off.
They plan on hosting numerous classes and provide hand-on experience, so as to promote creativity and creatives. Steem House will also help entrepreneurs turn their creativity ideas into cash.
If you want to find out more about this project kindly visit their project page on our platform(https://platform.inocoin.eu/project/5b47d322ec8e2f62672d8723 ), also you can visit their steemit page and check them out(https://steemit.com/@thesteemhouse ).


Well we hope we have given our potential investors an insight into these great projects hosted on our crowdfunding platform. So what are you waiting for? Go and check them out!

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