12 Jul, 2018

StartUps : How to use the social media?

In this post, we at InoCoin would like to continue with our useful tips for startups. The topic we will be discussing today is the proper utilization of social networks for startup founders. Which social media should you use for what, how should your posts look are some of the key points we cover. We belive it’s an important subject that deserves a post of it’s own.
In this day and age everyone is on some kind of social media. There is no avoiding it and you shouldn’t even try to, especially if you are a business owner. But if you are a startup founder, social media should become your new best friend.

Without utilizing social media, you would not be able to spread the word about your project as efficiently. Social media gives you the viral effect, which is essentially if your project is good, then there is no stopping the news. Everyone likes to be informed when a good project launches, especially smart investors, so be sure to have a great product before marketing it. Read up on our previous tips to get started.

The Big Three

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have a wide array of social media profiles including those on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. But these three we mentioned are probably the best places to start, but feel free to get creative. Post the link to your project with an interesting and persuasive call to action. Remember to interact with your followers, engagement is vital to success. Post various types of content, such as your project’s videos, pictures, and text.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are informal social media channels, so don’t be scared to use humor. Be funny and unique and your followers will love you (and with that your product).

Professional Social Media

Along with “The Big Three”, other social media channels such as LinkedIn can help you reach out to professional contacts. Now, keep in mind the tone of this social media.
Your posts should be concise and with a serious tone. Attach links leading to your crowdfunding campaign and other crucial information such as your website or business plan, but leave the humor out here.

Also, you can utilize various internet forums depending on your product niche. The key point on forum promotion is building up a relationship with the users first. Don’t just make an account and post your project. Comment on threads, engage in discussions, post an introductory thread if the forum has that section.

Build genuine relationships and then hook them in with your product. Being honest is best. Forum users generally can smell out product promoters, so be honest, tell people about your idea and experience and we’re sure others will appreciate it. Real forum relationships and discussions help you gain authority. Also, people get to know you. That way, they will already have a positive opinion about it, because they got to know you (and hopefully like you).Hopefully, you have learned some new things about social media promotion in this article. As always, our goal is to help you as much as we can in achieving your dreams. Building a project from the ground is hard work, we know that, exactly because of that we want to be of as much assistance as possible.

If you have any questions or need help with your project, or you just feel like chatting with us feel free to join our Telegram group located here: https://t.me/InoCoin2018
So, until next time, go make some great content and keep posting! You never know who will read your post. Who knows, maybe it will become viral!

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