11 Jul, 2018

Marketing your project after listing in InoCoin Platform!

To deliver an exceptional product, you have to look beyond your own thoughts and accede to market expectations. This is why your marketing efforts must be on point from the get-go. Because of that, we have decided to post a write-up on marketing tips. We believe it will be of great value to you guys.
In marketing, positioning a brand message correctly is of utmost importance as it gives the assurance that you will get the word out on your project. As a startup, the hurdles you have to scale could be a lot or greatly reduced based on the parameters you have put in place.Below, we will consider a few things you should put in place to get the word out on your project and to secure some funding:

Understand your market: Your target audience determines how you will structure your ideas and plan your product development and marketing. Developing a great product requires more than just thinking outside the box, it requires you putting yourself in the shoes of the supposed buyers of your good/service. Do they want your product? Can they afford it? Where are they located? Answering these will then take you to the next step where you research where they are and how you can engage them.

Leverage on growth-hacking and virality: What makes your product unique? In a crowd of similar products, what would give you an edge over other competing brands? You may be quick to state the obvious differences that your project has in comparison with others but are they really worth the time of prospective buyers and investors? For you to get the most of this, you should have a product that users can refer to others. If no one is interested in referring friends and family to your product, you may need to rethink your product development strategy.
Visibility: Not all platforms are relevant to your project and your would-be investors think so too. You would, therefore, have to put your project in perspective to determine the “who” and “where” in trying to solve the problem. Who are you targeting and where are they most active? If your product/service is hinged around business solutions, you may want to connect with prospects on Linkedin. If however, you are pushing a social product to the market, Facebook and others in its ilk may be the way to go.

Define what success means to you: Now that you understand your market and are beginning to take steps to appeal to the right audience (s), it is time to consider what makes for measurable and smart results. What do you quantify as success? Is it the purchase of your products, engagement on chosen social channels, email signups or even expected revenue within a specific timeframe? Whatever they are, make sure you stick to them and everyone on your team should do the same too.This should probably turn to a sing-song so every team member knows that success is quantified by the values you have stated. Your would-be investors would want to know this too as their concern is how you intend to add value to them if they decide to invest in your project.

Study success stories in your niche: There is nothing wrong with studying other brands as you can learn from their failures and successes. The most beautiful thing about this is that you get to see how ideas are implemented by real-world companies and you can borrow some of these ideas so long as they align with your brand message.
Marketing a new project doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to pay attention to those seemingly little details and funding may just be a call or a presentation away. We hope you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for more great tips from us at InoCoin.

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