4 Jul, 2018

What is the InoCoin Project?

Welcome everyone. As you can very well  see, we have decided to start a blog on our website.The purpose of our blog is that we plan to frequently inform you about any news regarding our platform, as well as explain to you the basics of our project, if you haven’t understood them already. 

 In these first intruductory  posts we will do exactly that: explain the fundamentals of our project. So lets start with the most basic of questions: 

What is InoCoin?

InoCoin is a decentralized crowdfunding platform built with our main goal in mind: Connecting smart money with innovative ideas.  The purpose of our project is to distribute both knowledge and funding to perspective young projects. Too many great projects have failed in their initial „seed“ stage. Too many great ideas have stayed only ideas in the minds of their creators. We know that the main obstacle for every young project is finding adequate funds in order to successfully start their business venture. Well that is no more. 

With InoCoin, all young and innovative projects can find the funding they deserve and grow alongside us. Of course, projects that want to receive funding will have to provide a business plan, growth projection etc. Tips for finding funding will be provided in a new article so stay tuned!

Alongside innovative,young projects are smart investors, the driving power of innovations and growth. With InoCoin, there is no limit put on investors. It finnaly doesen’t matter how much money you have for investing. We provide everyone an opportunity to invest in projects they believe in, thus supporting them and helping us all grow together. There is no minimum set on how much you can invest. 


Token information 

Our platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and, as such, employs our standard ERC-20 token named INO.

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 INO tokens are available for distribution and trading in cryptocurrency markets.

200,000,000 INO tokens are available to contributors.

10,000,000 INO tokens are bound for the team, advisors, bounties etc.

300,000,000 INO tokens will be kept for financing new projects during 2018 and 2019.

 The remaining 490,000,000 INO tokens will be kept as a reserve and locked for one year, solely to develop partnerships and future acquisitions, helping us become a dominant market leader and, thus, increasing its value for all our token holders.


Now many people may ask what exactly is our reason for using blockchain technology. 

As we all know, hack attempts and stealing information is quite common in today’s digital age and you can never be too safe. Exactly because of that InoCoin  utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the security of the funds of our clients.

Furthermore, how many times have you wondered where do your funds exactly end up. Do they ever really reach the project you supported using your hard earned money? Well, our implementation of blockchain technology guarantees that we provide transparency too all transactions on our platform. This, in turn, ensures that there can be no manipulation on which project is funded, it is there for everyone to see and we believe that is essential to building much needed trust in today’s age between us and our users. 

One more reason we are sure everyone will appreciate is the fact that blockchain technology helps us greatly reduces the transaction times on our crowdfunding platform, which is exactly what the traditional platforms lack. 


So to sum up, today we have learned what value InoCoin provides to both investors and startups. We have also learned about our INO token, as well as why blockchain technology is important in this age and how it greatly improves existing projects, while providing securitiy and reducing transaction times. 

In the next posts we will learn the main functions of the InoCoin platform and how to use it, as well as our plans for the future. Stay tuned!

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