4 Jul, 2018

What are the main functions of InoCoin Platform?

In this post we are going to talk about the main functions of the InoCoin Investment Platform and why it is the ideal place to look for funding, while at the same time being of great service to investors. 

After that I will go into detail on how to make your account, how to list your first project(I will also give you tips on how to make it look more attractive) and how to use our platform for investing.

To better understand how our crowdfunding platform works I will begin by explaining the two main functions on our platform. These functions are what makes our platform tick and also seperate us from the rest.


Our platform also includes a hot wallet for your precious INO tokens and it can be used for both incoming and outgoing transactions. 

Now that we have explained to you the key features of the platform, let’s get to explaining how you can list your project.

The first step is creating an account at https://platform.inocoin.eu/ 


Fill in all the necessary info including first and last name, e-mail address, a complicated and unique password and after that you will be automatically logged in to our platform. 

Now, the next step is navigating to My ProfileMy projects and you will be on this page. 

To add your project, simply click on the Add project square. 

Fill in the necessary info in the pop up, make it as detailed as possible, state everything you think your potential investors should know. Uploads some pictures to the gallery so people know how your project currently looks like. After that, if you are satisfied with everything, simply click submit and congratulations, you’ve added your first project! 

To view your current upstanding projects, simply navigate to the My Projects tab again. 

All the current projects requiring funding can be located under the INO Projects tab.

From there, you can Boost or Like them, on which you spend INO tokens. Each project has a different incentive for funding it so be sure to research every project individually. 

Listing your project on our platform is currently completely free, but it won’t be for long, so what are you waiting for? Grab your unique opportunity to receive funding and come join us at InoCoin!

I hope that after today’s post you have a clearer picture of project and that you learned what we can do for you. Until next time, stay tuned for more interesting articles!

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